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List of Korean Filler Brands

Anything r elated to beauty in South Korea is almost certainly intriguing. Their country is known not just for fantastic skincare products but also for procedures that ~ ~ change one’s look—a more V-line face shape, doll-like eyes, higher cheekbones. Just about anything that will boost your K-drama-worthy looks and make you look years younger.

Korean fillers set their goals higher and higher each year by breaking through the beauty community and competing with international filler brands. Getting fillers as a form of treatment has gained traction as more people realize their versatility. However, despite this, many are still left in the dark about how these fillers work. Furthermore, is there a difference between Korean and ‘imported’ filler brands?

How do fillers work?

The majority of the fillers discussed here will be Hyaluronic acid-based fillers. This is an acid found in our body already and is what holds the moisture in the body. The majority of the filler uses this because the body will readily accept it. Hyaluronic acid can be broken down or dissolved easily, so the treatment can be undone if the final results are unsatisfying.

HA cannot be directly injected into the skin because it tends to dissolve quickly or spread out. Therefore, it needs to undergo processing for HA to be used, and different brands do this process differently. Depending on the filler usage, some brands will make thicker fillers while others will make finer and thinner fillers. Also, some brands have separate structures for the fillers. The manufacturing process mixes the ingredients for most fillers, reacting them, blending, washing, and sterilizing. Almost all brands make changes in the reaction and mixing phase to come up with the product.

Monophasic and biphasic are the two main structures made in the reaction stage. Monophasic is when there are cross-links formed between hyaluronic acid chains, which makes a gel-like structure. The biphasic structure is when the Hyaluronic acid is made to be gel-like and has free particles. Though the biphasic structure gives more volume, it is not as smooth as the monophasic structure.

List of best Korean filler brands?

If you haven’t found a good Korean Filler List page by luck, then this might be the best site you will encounter. Korea has bottomless options for fillers, making it difficult to discern where the best filler is suited for my needs. You are in luck today because we have the perfect recommendations for you.

This is a hyaluronic filler that uses a particular type of technique called SHAPE technology. This uses a 2-step cross-linking, which means the reaction step of the procedure takes place twice, so more cross-links are formed and, again, a more stable gel is formed.

There Few Type of Neuramis Fillers

Revolax filler is a lasting and firm dermal filler solely due to its highly cross-linked HA particles, and it has three products in its series, which makes it highly versatile for your needs.

Revolax takes pride in its advantages and benefits against other hyaluronic acid filler brands. With clinical studies and its patented technology to put it ahead of its pack, Revolax is the perfect choice for treating not only those pesky fine lines and wrinkles but also to volumize the recessed areas on your face.

There are 3 type of Revolax Fillers


It offers an abundance of advanced skin rejuvenation and pain-free facial sculpting treatment options developed to be injected into the skin at a different depth, depending on the unique indications and properties of each of these professional-grade filler injections. Its wide application also characterizes the latter. It is developed and manufactured by a trustworthy medical device company, Across, specializing in designing and producing safe and dependable Hyaluronic Acid (HA) products.

Chaeum Premium

Chaeum Premium fillers are cross-linked HA fillers in a number sequence from 1 to 4. Its patented cross-linking technology is used to spearhead Chaeum Premium fillers, giving a monophasic and even HA structure. Regular and dense gel structure guarantees an even distribution of the filler upon administration and minimizes the risk of side effects and adverse reactions. The entire product series is specially designed to treat wrinkles of various depths and augment lips, rejuvenate your appearance, and add volume to sunken areas of the face. The long-term dialysis technology of this cross-linked 

HA filler achieves the effect that you greatly desire.

Why you should buy Korean Fillers

Fillers in Korea, also known as a cosmetic filler or an injectable facial filler, is a non-surgical operation used to soften the muscles under wrinkles on all face areas (such as cheeks, chin, jawline, and temples). It acts as a volumizer, softening the muscles under the skin surface to give you a plumper and more lifted look.

These excellent Korean fillers are recommended for you if you want to remove your smile lines, or you want to raise your nose without surgery if you want results immediately after the treatment, and if you want to improve and contour your lips and lip line, and lastly, if you’re going to enhance your forehead lines and wrinkles around the eyes and the sides of the mouth.

How can I buy Dermal Fillers from Korea?

These are the different HA Filler brands, both imported and domestic, that you can get in Korea. Each brand markets its brand focusing on various benefits and are all FDA and KFDA approved. If you stay in Korea, you can buy them on their company sites or other local stores in Korea. It is best to know that it is cheaper to avail these fillers in South Korea than in other stores outside the country. Once you arrive in South Korea, they act as your tour guide, but for beauty procedures. They speak in English, which is essential because you don’t want anything lost in translation to things that will dramatically change your appearance! 

If the above-mentioned is not suitable for you, there are also online websites to shop for these great fillers conveniently. There are websites with a database of clinics and treatments. You have to fill out a consultation form, and they will book the procedure for you. You’ll receive a cost estimate as well. The best part: You can back out without extra charge if you change your mind. If visiting Korean stores or online shopping is not an option, you can also book a service that acts as a middleman for you. 

However, more important than which brand you get is getting an experienced and certified doctor, and they’re accustomed to using a particular brand. They all have their preferences from their experience with different brands, so make sure you consult with the doctor in depth before deciding to get fillers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Korean Fillers are composed of Hyaluronic Acid, an FDA-approved component that makes it safe for its users. Hyaluronic Acid Fillers are safe and rarely have negative side effects. However, if some side effects surface, it’s nothing major and will immediately be healed before a week passes. To further guarantee your safety, it’s illegal for non-licensed practitioners to do non-surgical and surgical procedures on you in South Korea. You’re guaranteed to be in the hands of an expert when you undergo filler procedures.

The duration of the effects of fillers varies depending on the filler—most hyaluronic fillers last from 6 to 12 months maximum. However, if you are searching for long-lasting fillers, Neuramis, Revolax, Dermalax, and Chaeum Premium are the best options for you because these are long-lasting fillers that last from a minimum of 8 months and longer. The longevity of the effects is also affected by individual body types, age, and daily activities.

While there are many fillers to choose from, deciding which is the best for you isn’t as hard as it looks. As long as you know what you want from your treatments, finding the suitable filler can be a piece of cake. In choosing the perfect filler, you must prioritize safety. Neuramis, Revolax, Dermalax, and Chaeum Premium are guaranteed to be safe and recommended by surgeons. They also can give you a natural look that lasts long enough to your satisfaction.

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