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Bone Correction

This treatment relieves pain by correcting the distorted spine, which is the main cause of herniated disks. With the doctor of expertise performing the spine correction, the pain occurred by scoliosis, cyphosis, hollow-back, flat waist, text neck (forward head posture) will be alleviated. The American chiropractic method, the British osteopathic method, German Schroth method, and Pilates are practiced.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a method to cure pain by constantly stimulating the pain-causing points of soft tissues (muscles, nerves, ligaments etc). The most common causes of back pain, neck pain, headaches and dizziness are stress, text neck (forward head posture), and derived from herniated disks. Manual therapy not only solves these problems but also relieves musculoskeletal issues such as tennis elbow pain, and other spasms. The treatments include Myofascial release (MFR), Craniosacral therapy (CST), Range of motion joint therapy (ROM), Peripheral joint mobilization, Mulligan technique – Mobilization with Movement (MWM), Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) methods.

Taping Therapy

Taping therapy promotes restoring of muscle that has been damaged. This therapy while maintaining the circulation of blood, lymphatic fluid, and tissue fluid, prevents further inflammation, reduces swelling due to pressure, and improves joint stability. AMOA offers different taping methods for different purposes, whether it’s for bone regeneration, or better performance in sports activity.

Rehabilitation for professional athletes and dancers

Professional dancers and athletes have different bone/ muscle structures due to their trainings. AMOA’s rehabilitation for professional dancers and athletes reduces the physical stress from overuse, and improves the body’s performance when in action.

Unknown headaches and jaw pain

More than 80 percent of the causes of headaches and jaw pain come from pain points. This therapy uses AMOA’s special examination and treatment method for an assured effect.

Before & After

– before & 3 months after of AMOA’s cervical vertebra correction

– the spaces between the vertebrae have visibly widened

– the widening of space has relieved the pain immensely

– before & 3 months after of AMOA’s lumbar correction

– comparison of before and after the regeneration of disc

– with the herniated disk improved, the leg numbness has disappeared

– before & after of text neck (forward head posture) and lumbar correction

– the cervical vertebrae got a curve where it used to be flat, and the lumbar which used to have hyperlordosis returned to normal

Dr. Hyun-woong Woo, the head doctor of AMOA’s rehabilitation department

– Graduate of Korea University

– Holder of state-approved license in physical therapy

– Completed Gangnam Samsung Medical Center training for WATSU (Under water treatment)

– Completed Seoul, Hyundai Asan Hospital training for Limp therapy

– Permanent member of the International Pilates Instructor Association

– Licensed Pilates instructor with 10 years of experience

– Completed training in Kapiolani University dept. of Kinesiology, Hawaii

– Research participant of Lomalinda University, dept. of Medicine, Rehabilitation center

– Worked in Palm Springs, USA, for Golf Conditioning/Rehabilitation

– Worked at FitForever, USA

– Worked at Balanced Bodies, AUS

– Worked at Pacific Health, Hawaii, USA

– Worked at Hyundai Asan Medical Center, Seoul, dept. of neurological rehabilitation

– Completed KEMA (Kinetic Ergocise based on Movement Analysis) studies at Yonsei University

– Completed chiropractic course of KCSPTA

– Participant of Cadaver workshop (Anatomy) at Catholic University of Korea

– Conditioning trainer for Rugby/ Basketball team of Korea University

– Conditioning trainer for Korean National Ballet

– Director of Anesthesiology center, Nonhyun

– Gave lectures in posture and basic bone structure for over 140 different associations

– Director of Woo and Me Rehabilitation Center

– Director of AMOA, dept. of Rehabilitation