For your rejuvenation inside and outside


AMOA offers variety of anti-aging treatments in collaboration with the department of internal medicine, including reduction of mitochondria toxicity, anti-oxidant activation, immune system enhancement, anti-cancer treatment, brain function enhancement, pain relief, and high-unit vitamin therapy.


– If you have respiratory problems such as asthma, gastrointestinal infections, chronic rhinitis, or seasonal allergic rhinitis

– If you have weak immune systems causing thyroid disease, chronic stinging etc

– If you have muscle/ joint problems causing migraine, fibrous muscle pain etc

– If you have anxiety, depression, and chronic fatigue occurred by stress

Cinderella injection contains alpha-lipoic acid, which makes up the cells. It is one of the most critical substances for anti-aging as it decomposes the active oxygen while regenerating antioxidant. Cinderella injection has many effects such as relieving fatigue and/or inflammation, whitening the skin and breaking the body fat.

The ingredient of White Pearl injection contains glutathione, which is an antioxidant substance. Glutathione not only dismantles the active oxygen but also regenerates hepatocyte, the liver cells. This injection is also valid for skin whitening, breaking fat, and treating hepatic steatosis also known as fatty liver.

Myers Cocktail injection consists of an ideal mixture of antioxidant vitamin and mineral. This injection will improve your immune system, and help keep your body cells healthy. Myers Cocktail injection works well for pantalgia – body aches, and relieving fatigue.

Garlic injection – unlike its name-  does not have garlic as its ingredient. It’s got its name from containing allicin which is the primary source of garlic, and having similar smells. Garlic injection activates vitamin B1, helping recover from fatigue by decomposing lactic acid which is a fatigue substance. It is also useful for hangovers, and tired muscles from hard exercise.

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