AMOA’s VAGINAL TREATMENTS begin with correcting the balance of the pelvis, which will improve the body’s health, finally fixing the flaws of the skin.

Unbalanced pelvis may cause the disorders of uterus and ovary circulations, which may lead to the swelling of the body, cold hands/feet, obesity, and breakouts.

AMOA’s VAGINAL TREATMENTS is the best program designed for the clients to rejuvenate and re-energize from the inside to the outside.

  •  Women have different pubic symphysis parts than men, due to their ability to give birth. However, it’s this ability that could cause problems such as post-birth bone slope, scoliosis, disk herniation, back pain etc.
  •  Giving birth may mess up the balance of the body, due to it being such a hard process that opens up the pelvis, and affecting the joints immensely. On the other hand, it may be a great opportunity for women to rebuild the posture, and reshape the body.

RF Vaginal Tightening

  • RF Vaginal Tightening, using the RF machine, will improve pelvic and vaginal illnesses.
  • RF Energy, which is a non-invasive treatment device, will be used to transfer heat into the deeper layer of the skin. This will promote the regeneration of collagen, which ameliorates the contraction as well as the elasticity of the vaginal canal, and enhances sexual satisfaction.

AMOA’s VAGINAL TREATMENT includes Point body, Face, Vaginal treatments.

  • step 1. Face Tightening

This treatment will sharpen your face line by using high frequency. This will be combined with whitening, and lifting treatments.

  •  step 2. Vaginal Tightening

Using Vaginal probe, this treatment will be done shaping both inside and outside the vagina.

RF will deliver just the right amount of heat into the deeper layer of the skin, encouraging collagen to regenerate, the muscle to contract and the wrinkles to smooth out.

-smile line

-eye area

-double chin

-neck wrinkles


regeneration of tissues, blood circulation, strengthening of immune system, pain reduction, body shaping, balancing of muscle, emission of bodily waste, fixing of PMS or mentrual irregularity, cold hands/feet improvement, lower body obesity improvement, fixing of skin problems, energy circulation etc.



This is a safe and hygienic machine for non-surgical vaginal procedures that does not cause pain. Anesthesia won’t be necessary, and side effects such as burns, bleeding, pain, oozing from wound will not occur at all.

  • Effect

vaginal tightening

-enhancement of sexual sensitivity

-improvement of vaginal elasticity through regeneration of collagen

  • Who

– if your widened vagina due to giving birth stresses you out

– if you have vaginal flatulence

– if you are not satisfied when having sexual intercourse

– if you have stretched vagina

– if you are sensitive with pain, and reluctant of surgeries

– if you want a procedure without your partner knowing

– if you are busy and have little time for surgeries

  • Feature

– Delivers high-frequency heat energy from the inner surface of the vagina to the deep layer of muscle evenly, and safely.

– Induces regeneration of collagen on the overall vaginal wall, tightening the inner vagina all the way from the pelvis. It also inflates the vaginal mucous membrane, increasing the friction and cushioning effect at the same time.

– One session will be enough to see the improvement of vaginal resilience and the effect of the mucous membrane recovery.

– There will be no discomfort or pain during the treatment, and it won’t require a recovery time.