– AMOA’s SEMI PERMANENT CONTOUR MAKE-UP CENTER is operated through a collaboration with AMOA’s dermatologist and AMOA’s semi permanent make-up expert. After a 1:1 consultation with the dermatologist, the recommended treatment will be carried out by the semi permanent make-up expert.

– For these treatments, the latest European digital machine will be used to minimize skin irritation. German pigments rated EXCELLENT LEVEL of Dermat Test, and sterilized disposable needles will also be used to prevent any blood infection. Hygiene and thorough sterilization is the top priority.

– AMOA’s semi permanent make-up expert, through pre-treatment consultation and constant communication, will try the best to meet patients’ needs. With vast experience and expertise, we continue our researches and strive to pull out the beauty of each patient.


  • Hair stroke

Each stroke of eyebrow is imitated to fill up the vacant areas. This procedure is recommended to first-timer-clients with certain amount of eyebrows.

  • Combo

Combining the ‘Hair stroke technique’ with the ‘Shadowing technique,’ this eyebrow tattoo is recommended to those who have eyebrows with low density and uneven stroke, or those who want a more prominent eyebrow shape.

  • Shadowing

This technique imitates the touch of eyeshadows or brow pencils. Outlines are drawn to be filled and gradated. Shadowing technique is recommended to clients who have had their eyebrows tattooed before, or want to fix them without having to remove the old tattoos.


  • Eye mucosa in line

As this procedure shows the most natural result, it is recommended to those who want to bring out their eyes but keep it subtle. The tattoo will be done on the inner part of the eyelashes, and on the mucosa.

  • Outline

For this procedure, the tattoo will be applied on the outer part of the eyelashes. This will work for clients who want to depict a prominent eye line.

  • In & out combo line

Being operated on both the inner and the outer sides of the mucosa, this tattoo is recommended for those who want their eyes to look bigger, those who want to fix their original tattoos, or want thick eye lines.


  • Lip line

Emphasizing only the lip line, this procedure is for clients who have visible lip colors, but faint out lines.

  • Tinted lip

This procedure is done to color the lips. It is for clients who have a firm lip shape but blunt colors, or who want to change the shades of their lips

  • Full color lip

Tattooing both the out line and the color on the lips, this procedure is recommended to those who want their lips to pop out.


  • M-line cover

This tattoo covers the m-shaped forehead due to hair loss, imitating the strokes of hair.

  • Hair line full cover

Covering from the forehead to the sideburns, this tattoo corrects the hair line as well as the broad forehead.


This procedure covers the prominent scars on the body due to the difference in color. Several sessions will encourage the scar to gradually change its color similar to the rest of the skin tone.

Since it is viewed as almost impossible to depict the skin of human artificially, this procedure would be rather an idea of covering the scar up to a certain degree to decrease its visibleness.


Nipple areola is a procedure that corrects the shapes, the colors, or the sizes of nipples. It is recommended to clients who are unhappy with how their nipples are.