NDDS cell therapy

This is a New Drug Delivering System (NDDS) used in Germany for anti-aging treatments. Being the world’s first injection replacement system, it delivers 5 different anti-aging activating substances deep into the skin’s dermis without a single prick of a needle.

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New Drug Delivering System

  • Type 1. HYAL N10 (moisture glow + wrinkles)

– Hyaluronic acid will encourage the forming of collagen, which will restore skin tissues and smooth out wrinkles.

  • Type 2. PRODERM (acne + sensitive skin)

– Soothes inflammation and breakouts, while stimulating the skin to regenerate.

  • Type 3. MITO CELL (moisture glow + lifting + whitening)

– This is an all-in-one cartridge which regenerates skin tissues and smooth out deep wrinkles by helping to produce extracellular interstitial materials.

  • Type 4. POLAR (moisture glow + whitening)

– With its effect of reducing pigmentation and discoloration, it will whiten your skin without having to use a bleacher.

  • Type 5. DERMACOOL (moisture glow + soothing + lifting)

– This will hydrate and soothe the reddened, swollen skin after skin-damaging procedures such as waxing, laser treatments, epilation, and peeling.

  • Type 6. Home Cell program

– Nightly Home Cell Therapy masks


Autoimmune platelet cell therapy

Fraction laser treatment – promotes skin-restoring effect, using PPA, depth, and pattern.

Using two different wavelengths (1550nm, 1927nm) at the same time, this device treats from the surface to the very deep layer of the skin.

The treatment mode is set depending on the condition of the patient’s skin. A single session of two different effective lasers combined will be enough to see the improvement of scar marks, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. Using autoimmune platelet cells enables the patients to get back to their everyday lives immediately, while boosting the effect.


– Regeneration of skin, flattening out of wrinkles

– Removal of hyperpigmentation, pore reduction

– Improvement of skin tone, elasticity, and stretch marks

Medical Multi-Plasma Solution – non-surgical treatment with an effect of a surgery

This is a focus-treatment device used to treat wrinkles or scar marks on delicate parts that need extra care. When the tip of this equipment is under 1mm close to the skin, it makes a plasma to lightly brush off the problem on the surface. This is a safe treatment using autoimmune plate cells, and preventing further harm on the deeper layer of the skin.

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– non-invasive treatment with a surgery-like result

– able to treat delicate areas

– simple procedure promoting improvement of wrinkles

– lifting effect around the eye area

– safe procedure improving various scar marks

– no side effects (inflammation, necrosis)

– removes warts, moles, wrinkles around eye areas, eye bags, scar marks

Dermal DNA testing

what kind of information would I get through GENESTYLE DNA testing program?

Dermal DNA testing will find the right cosmetics, nutrient solution for your skin.

This dermal test program will find the right solution not only for the surface of your skin, but also for the deeper layers. Based on 6 different steps, we will be able to come up with the problems your skin is facing, and is yet to face. You will also be given customized solution and prevention for further skin’s issues.

GENESTYLE Dermal DNA testing is a cell therapy program that involves NDDS (world’s first New Drug Delivering System) and Dermal DNA testing.