Botox & Filler


Botox and fillers are some of the fastest, easiest, least expensive and most effect temporary measures to reverse the signs of aging. This injections are safe and there is no downtime for the patient. Botox tightens muscles to reduce wrinkles and to provide more shape to an area. It is commonly used on the forehead, crows feet, jaw and calves. The effects last 4-9 months depending on your body type. Fillers work in a different way by filler up depressed areas. Fillers can improve wrinkles on the face but it is mostly used to fill the areas: under the eyes, around the nose, around the cheekbones, around smile lines, around the forehead, between the eyes, around the eyelids, around the eye, around the earlobe, around the jaw line, around the lips, around the jaw and the neck. If used on the nose, it can provide a fast non-surgical Rhinoplasty (nose job) in minutes. Fillers can last from 6 months to 10 years.

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Possible Treatments

Skin Botox (To Smooth Out Other Areas of the Body)
Platysmal Bands Botox (On the Neck)
Marionette Lines Botox (Sad Smile Botox)
Eyebrow Shaping Botox
Lip Lines Botox
Dimpled Chin Botox
Gummy Smile Botox
Bunny Line Botox (On the nose)
Frown line Botox
Jaw Botox (V-Line)
Crow’s Feet Botox
Forehead Botox
Depressed Scar Filler
Lip Filler
Cheek Filler
Mouth Lines Filler
Love Band Filler
Under Eye Filler
Between Eyes Filler
Forehead Filler
Petite Rhinoplasty (Nose Filler)
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Possible Treatments