Legal Information

Licensed Dermatology and Stem Cell Therapy Clinic

AMOA Skin Clinic is an incorporated legal entity under the AMOA Global Services Group in South Korea based in Seoul. To ensure complete quality control, the corporation is not publicly traded. Instead, all stocks are held privately under Korean law. The corporation is full insured by the Seoul Guarantee Insurance Company and is authorized to take part in business activities covering: dermatology, stem cell therapy, beauty treatments, beauty product sales, medical tourism, consulting and services.

Payment Policy

Payment for all procedures must be done before treatment starts.  AMOA Skin Clinic accepts: cash, bank transfer and credit card payments. If you are visiting us from outside Korea, please ensure your credit card company knows you will use it in Korea and have the appropriate limit set to cover your procedure fees. To ensure a treatment or surgery date, you will need to pay a deposit. Otherwise, your surgery date will not be guaranteed. Consultations are provided free of charge.

Refund Policy

No refund will be made once the surgery has begun. Deposits paid are classified as non-refundable as those deposits are used to fix a schedule for your surgery.

Partial deposit refund policy:

72+ hours notice before treatment - 90% refund

48-72 hours notice before treatment- 50% refund

24-48 hours notice before treatment - 20% refund

0-24 hours notice before treatment OR partial/full refund request after start of treatment- 0% refund

All cancellations must have a written notice associated with them. The amount of refund made for the deposit follows the refund policy stated above.

This policy is in compliance with the 2014-4 Korea Consumer Agency, legislation and under Korean Law.